FIRST-HOLD for Event Venues

This very minute, anyone with internet access can check dates, rates and availability for hotel rooms, rental cars, airline seats & even dinner tables.  Not only can anyone see what is available online, but these businesses provide anyone with the ability to actually book their space in real-time.  Now your business can do the same thing with!  It's really not too different than what you currently's now just online in real-time!

Step 1 - Create Your Venue Profile (this is what planners will see when looking for a venue - go ahead, make yourself pretty!)

Step 2 - Publish Your Availability Calendar (dates, rates & space availability that you control)

Step 3 - Sit Back And Watch Your Venue Work For You!  (hi-tech, online automation at its finest)

Let's Daydream Together.   Imagine, 1st, 2nd & even 3rd holds on your venue being automatically placed, handled, challenged & released in appropriate order!  That's right, no more "hunting down" planners to check on the status of a hold. does that for you!  Imagine, official client bookings (not just aimless inquiries) popping into your inbox ready to sign contracts and pay deposits. All this happening automatically regardless of the time of day and without you having to be at your desk - now that's business productivity!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth at least 100,000, right? Watch this creative quick-flick demo video on how can modernize, maximize & monetize bookings for your business!

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