About Us

Our Story

Our advisory team is composed of certified industry veterans & prominent venue owners in the corporate meeting & events industry.  It was these contrasting roles in the special events business that led us to discover a mutual, mild to moderate "pain point" with the process of sourcing/selling special event space.  

Planners want to hold & book space, venues want to promote & sell their space.  

Sounds easy enough, but in today’s high tech world, this part of our industry seemed to be lagging and thus a question was the foundation of our beginning:  Why was this seemingly simple function of our industry not technologically advancing?  

Oh sure, there were websites with more pictures, sample menus, planner reviews, point & click floor plans, downloadable diagrams & schematics – but all of these feature websites did nothing for the online, real-time function of holding or booking space.  Thus from the ground up, we created this patent-pending platform, successfully launched & are confident that we have crossed the intersection of feasibility & functionality with the use of technology!